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'They are afraid of losing their jobs.'On one website where men can search for prostitutes in their area, a banner invites them to de-stress by simply talking: 'When your stock price is falling, what better way to relax than chatting with one of our girls?

I like friends from all over the world, race, religion, political differences dont matter.Now, there’re a lot of dating sites whose policies are unclear and even dishonest towards their customers.Many ladies’ profiles on these services seem too good to be true, and more often than not, they are.If a man spends as much time in the mirror as a woman, it’s generally not regarded as a good trait by Russian females.A man who uses body moisturizer, follows fashion trends, worries about the appearance of his nails, is not afraid to visit manicure salons, and only enjoys physical exercise in the gym, all gives rise to suspicion. Contrary to the idea promoted by the fitness industry, it’s not really bodybuilders whom women prefer," psychologist Elena Kalen told RBTH.When I was closer to 20, I realized that I was dying of sexual thirst, how strong that desire was.

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