Sania mirza dating shoaib malik


Finally under media pressure, he had to divorce the girl in question before marrying Sania Mirza.First Debut: In the year 2003 in AP Tourism Hyderabad Open Brand Endorsements: Bournvita, Sprite, General, Adidas, Country Club, Krrish Group (for their Delhi franchise in Indian Badminton League in 2013).Two sporting mega stars on either side of the border defied all odds and got hitched.However, with super hectic careers touring the globe for their match commitments plus spending time with their respective families in their hometowns, making a long distance relationship (LDR) work is not all smooth sailing Born in Sialkot on 1st February 1982, Shoaib Malik grew up like so many Pakistani boys playing cricket in the streets with a taped up ball.In a report the new coach Intikhab Alam wrote in a report that Malik was “a loner, aloof and involved in his own little world, which is OK but not when the team required a fully committed captain We do not see any meaningful communication between players and captain other than his five-minute talk during the team meeting.” Malik was replaced by Younis Khan as captain on 27th January 2009.On top of that, in March 2010, Malik was banned from playing International cricket for the national team by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) as a disciplinary action for infighting.In an interview with The Sun’s Fabulous magazine Scherzinger said, "We’ve been together for quite some time now, so I’m just living in the moment and I’m happy." The couple met in high school and started dating in 2005.They married in July 2014, just after Novak won his second Wimbledon crown.

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Well, this holds truest when we talk about love between Pakistanis and Indians.We think, where there is smoke there is always fire.Imran Khan had the looks and the charm to have every woman falling for him a few decades ago.India and Pakistan may be arch-nemesis, but the people of both countries have always shared a bond.This bond comes from the fact that both cultures, traditions and races are similar.Since then he has taken over 100 ODI wickets, and has a batting average in the mid 30s in both Test and ODI cricket.

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