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The 1940s and 1950s were the golden age of train travel and also the pinnacle of railroad dining car operations.For many passengers, the ambiance of the dining car was the reason they rode the train.She’s thundering loud, she’s roaring haughty and proud at the break of day.” There’s nothing like a train.Whether rumbling through a crossing — horn shrieking, gate bells clamoring or sitting peacefully on a track at the local railroad museum, a train can quicken the pulse or simply bring back memories. Maybe a grandfather worked for a railway, or a great-grandfather before then, inspiring a love for the railroad. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews."Stan Steiner is a national treasure.It is, perhaps, his most moving book." "Fusang is a book of marvels—which we Chinese Americans performed as we built this country. We are an integral, heroic part of her history, and Stan Steiner gives the facts, the history, the research to confirm what we should not have forgotten during Exclusion.Santa Fe Railway at Ferry Point Richmond as it is today (Jan 2003).At one time the fleet of Santa Fe tugs and car barges shuttled between Ferry Point (Richmond) and: China Basin (SF); Pier 41 (SF); Alice Street (Oakland); Alameda and Tiburon.

Despite being beat up by weather, time and blowing desert sand, the grand dame of the Western America Railroad Museum, Santa Fe 95, stands regal on a spur near the museum.

A verdant oasis hidden in a secluded canyon, China Ranch Date Farm near Death Valley National Park is an excellent cool-season destination.

Visitors to the working farm can sample dates and date products, browse through the bakery and gift shop, select landscaping plants, learn about area history at a one-room museum, observe birds and animals and explore canyons and waterways on foot or horseback.

Groves of date palms, stands of cottonwoods and other native trees, gardens and pastures thrive there.

Parking is available near a cluster of buildings close to the bakery and gift shop and adjacent cactus nursery.

Some dinner trains have vintage equipment that first saw use in the consists of elegant streamliners.

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