Sedating raccoons


Sick of having to clean up after these destructive animals?

Let’s face it, raccoons are persistent creatures that can be really hard to get rid of.

“They were almost dead.” A fast talker with ashy blond hair and an easy laugh, Bailey is a newborn raccoon specialist.

By the time three orphaned raccoons arrived for emergency care at the Kentucky Wildlife Center in April 2012, “they were emaciated,” says Karen Bailey, who runs the nonprofit rehab clinic set in the sunny thoroughbred country just outside of Georgetown, in central Kentucky.

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As far as raccoons are very smart animals, they have to be trapped in a certain way.

When cubs are in such bad shape, Bailey says, “It’s a race against time.” The animals were incubated and intubated, fed fluids and antibiotics.

As a last-ditch effort, Bailey administered blood plasma and managed to save two of the raccoons—”a miracle.” With a marquee Sunday night slot, regularly attracts more than a million viewers; for the fourth quarter of 2011, it was the network’s most-watched series.

This idiopathic balance disturbance is often mistaken for a stroke!

In any case, if your car-weary canine is going on a long journey, it’s recommended that you speak with a vet about Dimenhydrinate. 2-4 milligrams of Dramamine per pound of body weight is okay for most dogs, but do not administer more than 3 times daily. It comes in the original formula, Non-Drowsy Naturals, chewables form as well as a kids version.

When the episode about the raccoon cubs, “Baby Mama Drama,” aired in July 2012, it pulled in 1.6 million viewers to become the show’s highest-rating episode up to that point.

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