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State inspectors discovered the home that was supposed to help teenage boys and girls may have actually been hurting them.

— Alleged deplorable conditions, neglect, and sexual comments from staff toward teens forced the Children Youth and Families Department’s Licensing and Certification Authority to close New Visions Group Home in Clovis.

Make a one-time contribution by using the "Donate" button: The Department of Energy (DOE) and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) are proposing less groundwater protection and less cleanup of unlined dumps containing radioactive, hazardous, and toxic pollutants under a permit modification they recently submitted to the New Mexico Environment Department.

Modifying the hazardous waste permit, as proposed, would allow DOE and LANL to continue to dispose of low-level radioactive waste at Area G as other dumps are closed, despite assurances last fall that they would stop; and prevent regulation of the 54-year old Radioactive Liquid Waste Treatment Facility as a hazardous waste facility; among others.

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The board alleged Driskill was “under the influence of alcohol” during work hours and while he was on call at the hospital, and that he maintained a “personal cache” of alcohol in his office at Premier, where he no longer works.

He allegedly prescribed a controlled substance, Alprazolam, to one of the patients without maintaining proper medical records.

"We immediately got them [the teenagers] relocated to other areas and then the program,” Varela said.

Ten days later, Premier notified the Lea Regional Medical Center of Driskill’s termination for cause, the complaint states.“To avoid being formally disciplined by LRMC, you immediately requested from LRMC, and received, a retroactive ‘temporary leave of absence’ and have not returned to LRMC as of this date,” the complaint added.

Among other allegations, Driskill is alleged to have entered “inappropriate notations of a personal nature into certain patient medical charts,” and performed a pelvic exam on a patient without a chaperone after informing the patient that one would be present. 11, Premier terminated Driskill for the actions alleged by the board, the board complaint states.

The revocation comes after allegations of sparse window coverings, old mattresses and even the adult staff making lewd comments toward the teenage girls.

State documents obtained by 4 Investigates reveal David Jackson, the sole therapist and part owner, of New Visions Group Home allegedly told a teenage girl living there that she “had a nice butt,” and stared at her breasts.

DOE and LANL are hosting a public meeting to discuss the permit modification on Wednesday, August 30from to pm at Fuller Lodge in Los Alamos.

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