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During the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner weekend, PYPO premiered another tongue-in-cheek video at an Atlantic Live feminism panel. It’ll roll off your tongue like Google, I think, in a few years. Our founder is Stephanie Laing, the director of HBO’s “Veep” and a new show called “Vice Principals.” A couple of years ago she said to her daughter “Come on, it’s time to go” and her daughter, who was four at the time, said, “Excuse me, I’m not ready yet.Called “Feminism Pill,” the skit starring actors Domenick Lombardozzi, Matt Servitto and Jackie Debatin, portrays a husband suddenly caring about issues such as maternity leave and equal pay after accidentally taking his wife’s medication. I have to put my pretty on first.” What that meant for her was chapstick, but it became their mantra of ‘get your game face on.’ Stephanie started a blog called Put Your Pretty On and always knew she wanted to create this place, this multimedia site, and was going to call it PYPO.Job Duties Primary prevention and educational programs- Provide oversight and management of incoming student primary prevention programs.- Supervise student staff to provide ongoing awareness activities with and for CWU students and employees.- Create, update, and maintain educational materials, including the web content on sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking.- Create, implement, and assess violence prevention programs and services for CWU employees and students.- Organize and develop ongoing awareness campaigns and programs about sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking Assessment, Outreach, Referral and Response Services- Maintain referrals from Student Rights and Responsibilities- Initiate outreach from incident and police reports- Communicate student needs with required accommodations within: university housing, financial aid, rights and responsibilities, student employment, CAT team, university police, ASPEN, registrar, and faculty/staff- Meet one on one with students to discuss reporting options and services including safety planning, no-contact requests, SANE and other referral and follow up care- Attend student conduct meetings and consultation team for case management support- Create quarterly and yearly reports regarding number of referrals and students seen- Conduct assessments of services provided Campus/Community Connections- Assist in the distribution and analysis of the Campus Climate Survey- Attend Coordinated Community Response Team meetings- Work with Human Resources to ensure faculty/staff mandatory reporting responsibilities- Coordinate and support the ongoing development of primary prevention programs and services for new employees- Provide Sexual Assault Victim Advisor training to campus community- Assist Human Resources with faculty/staff reports of power based personal violence- Provide trauma informed training to campus community- Promote campus reporting options and services- Create a support group for survivors with Counseling Center- Facilitate community outreach and education in partnership with ASPEN- Create strategic plan for violence prevention and response based on American College Health Association Guidelines Supervisor Duties- Actively engages in recruitment and hiring new student employees;- Clearly defines performance expectations, ensure accountability, and provides ongoing informal feedback, coaching, and mentoring.- Promotes professional development opportunities;- Develops and fosters supportive working relationships, motivation and engagement;- Recognizes and rewards employees for good performance;- Schedules student employee work hours/shifts; monitor hours worked; approve payable time and absence requests;- Adjusts leadership style as needed to achieve results;- Recognizes value of and promotes diverse workforce.Values and encourages diverse perspectives, creativity and teamwork- Other duties as assigned Minimum Qualifications : Work is performed in the Wellness Center.Job Summary The Violence Prevention & Response Coordinator (VPRC) is the primary support and referral source for students who have experienced sexual misconduct, stalking, or other power-based interpersonal violence.The VPRC is responsible for processing and coordinating referrals to the Wellness Center related to sexual misconduct, dating and domestic violence, stalking, or other power-based interpersonal violence.

And when she transitioned to her new job leading editorial content for startup PYPO, one of her early essays on the site was entitled “Your Mistake, Our Win,” in which she likened her firing to being set free.So, that’s where it came from—this little girl who at a very tender age knew that she had to get her stuff together before leaving the house. I interviewed Stephanie for a story a couple of years ago and she and I really hit it off.We kept in touch and in November, I met her in New York for a quick glass of wine. I want you full time as my editor-in-chief.” My first question was “Is it paid?Now she’s using that same chutzpah to tackle feminist issues at a time when the meaning of the word is in transition.PYPO, which harnesses the talents of writers, actors and producers, recently partnered with the White House’s “It’s on Us” campaign to release a comic skit during Sexual Assault Awareness Week in which a woman in a chicken suit is painfully questioned about what she did to bring on inappropriate advances from a man.Forget classified personals, speed dating, or other Thorp dating sites or chat rooms, you've found the best!

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