Ideal where quality imagery is paramount, but discretion needs to be assured.

Explore a comprehensive range of surveillance cameras, including spy cameras used for covert operations to home and office CCTV systems, alongside body-worn hidden cameras for clandestine investigations.

Don’t waste your time and gain delight with awesome amateur spy cam clips right here and now!

We have cases where a customer who has bought a system a decade ago, returned it for a repair and ended up costing him only for replacing the power supply unit inside. Why risk it with a vendor who may only offer you to buy a new one when the warranty is over?In the portable hidden camera section, we have an array of devices that can be carried on the person.They can also be set down to record in a stand-alone situation.In our body worn section we have the established products such as tie and button spy cameras with associated digital video recording devices.New on the market are the CCD covert camera solutions which are built into a bag attached to a tiny MP4 recorder.It has been our philosophy that mass production and distribution of such camera defeats the purpose of being “covert”.

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