Silicon valley dating scene Free vedio chat with housewifes


On a Friday night in downtown Palo Alto — just a stone's throw from Stanford University, office buildings and the technology hub of San Jose — the college bars and vegan restaurants lining its streets teemed with single men.

But at Nola, a Creole-themed bar with notoriously bad service, Erika, 25, wasn't having much luck meeting single guys."I ordered my drink, and my girlfriend and I threw out glances and smiles to many men we were interested in.

If you’re a married, career-weathered senior employee; that sounds like a Juggalo convention. I even attended a 6-hour event in somebody’s living room, designing nonprofit legal documents, with no drinks, snacks, or allotted breaks.The memberships are customizable, so they're easily tailored to both the nerdy introverted types and the more extroverted businessmen.Andersen shared some of the tips she gives her clients as they gear up for their dates. "In order to be successful with dating and find the love of your life, you've got to be prepared." According to Andersen, first-date jitters can be eliminated with the right frame of mind.Not all of her clients work in tech — lawyers, health care professionals, and financiers are also well-represented — but she estimates that almost half of her clients do, working for companies like Facebook, Google, Box, Linked In, and Cisco, among others.Andersen's networking events at the Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel in Menlo Park grew so popular that they earned a reputation for being a great place to pick up a wealthy entrepreneur.A But behind the statistics lies a very different story.

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