Simplify media updating song list

Our technology isn't just a tool you can rely on- it's a business asset you can leverage.Learn More What if you could manipulate every aspect of the guest experience with a simple touch?I CANNOT however play music store on my NAS (which is pretty much all I use it for).Thinking it might have changed MAC address and hence IP address I checked my DHCP logs , nope all is as it should be: Phone is on nas is on sonos bridge play1#1 play1#2 All on netmask "1 netmask " (via DHCP) Looking @ the pattern, I suspect the Sonos unit is now ignoring the netmask and using the wrong one.... So all working fine for many months, apply update ... if and when this gets fixed I'm never installing another update!SPI does not have a mission to prove the existence of ghosts, spirits, vampires or monsters as you are free to believe what you wish.

But if I tried to add a new track "Unable to add songs to queue" pops up on phone.

- 0000813: [Bug] Friends page styling is incorrect (xxx) - resolved.

- 0000811: [Bug] Remote streaming does not stream some types of file (FLAC for example) (xxx) - resolved.

- 0000814: [Bug] Multicast messages not received on multi-homed machines (xxx) - resolved.

- 0000812: [Bug] TVMOBi Li Server media engine profile is wrong (xxx) - resolved.

What makes us different is the "big picture" style with which we approach an investigation.

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