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"But, the actual ghosting itself wasn't what was upsetting — it's clear quite quickly.

If anything, I preferred that to some awkward text." These are the final messages he sent to both his ghosters, which were met with no response.

Plus, you’ve got the clout an A-list star commands that puts him in every frame of the movie. He interviews a bunch of dweebs to take care of him, but they are all about themselves so decides to hire a struggling brother from the hood who has a confident attitude, but limited qualifications for the job. Hookers, bubble baths, and even sky gliding create a bond between these two unlikely companions both living within the walls of their own personal prisons. Over the course of what feels like thousand years, Tom Hanks plays a half-dozen incarnations of a Guy’s Guy.

That’s how it works, so we take the bitter with the sweet and hope for the best when we pluck down our per ticket. This is a French movie about an aging, wealthy, Caucasian quadriplegic and the inner city caretaker that he hires. Before his accident, the quadriplegic was a handsome scoundrel and a real Guy’s Guy. Sometimes he is well-intended and other times he’s a douche.

We enjoy the company of an attractive woman in a business or social situations, but we are men now so we keep things under control. As with any group, you always have a lunatic fringe.

The question is: could I have sex with a random attractive woman and just leave it at that? If I did, it would simply be a curiosity and a matter of variety. These are the guys who can’t stop going to strip clubs, chasing women, and having sex with whoever they can, regardless of the guy’s age or if they are married.

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No, we're not talking about supernatural happenings; ghosting is 2016's version of a Dear John letter.

Don’t ask for the moon if all you are offering is green cheese. Take that damn checklist—you know the one that starts with his being a six foot three investment banker with smoldering eyes and thirty million in an offshore account just waiting to be spent on you. For the rest of us, and no one is suggesting that you sell yourself short, but if you are weighed down by so many rules, you’ll diminish your sparkling energy, which is what attracts the dudes. Nothing generates a better reaction that smiles and laughter. Unless you want to spend your weekends uploading your pictures on FB again, do what Mick Jagger suggests. He’s out there doing something and hoping to meet someone just like you.

When you lose your sense of humor, things can get dreary pretty quickly. Sorry, our list does not include films about vampires, zombies, the end of the world, or Katy Perry. The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to 2012’s Movies focuses on a select five films with relevancy for men and in particular, Guy’s Guys.

And don’t be concerned if every date doesn’t turn out perfectly. Throughout the year we’ve been inundated with monsters and aliens, rom-coms, sequels, prequels, remakes, animated features, and adaptations of popular television shows. Many of these films cost a fortune in CGI and production yet show little in fresh or profound storytelling.

Sure, almost every Hollywood feature follows a proven story template, but when a story moves from paper to celluloid, all hell can break loose.

Then I’ll let you ladies determine if women see it the same way. I was, but I loved sex and if there was extracurricular activity, it was simply a physical act to me. Sex is sex, and since it is always on our minds, we tend to take advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves. Now that I’m married and a bit wiser, I focus one hundred percent of my attention on my wife.

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