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Here's a look at a number of words that have cropped up - well over 200.

Note that every game will have many very specific acronyms and words that I have not bothered to list.

Thanks also to contributors to this gaming terms glossary!

It features Gendo Ikari (from Evangelion) and about a jillion other pop-culture icons and weird things...(This, is a great thing, a friend of mine had a stalker, and removing herself from the search features stopped it from happening) The chat, can also be a place for you to be found by a stalker, but it is uncommon.Usually instead, you'll pick up a troll wanting to bother you a bit.It's been like 16 years, and i can make Animutation great again when there's need of it! Japanese really makes it easy to think of funny words when you listen to their songs. Good idea putting in the pause function, or else I'd be watching this over and over trying to figure out what they are, and I'm sure I'm not alone.Neil and his friends who did Animutation should be remembered for their forgotten relic of the past. Pēc Nomas maksas saņemšanas IZNOMĀTĀJS nodrošina preces vai preču rezervāciju uz NOMNIEKA norādītajiem datumiem.

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