Stop adobe reader from updating

I've been having an issue for awhile now, but ignored it because I was planning to have all new stuff, but due to being sent a bad HDD, I ended up using my old one for my new build. I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and CS5.1 as well as Adobe Flash Player 11.Every time I start my PC, Adobe Acrobat Updater starts in my processes list, and my PC drags until I end the process, it never opens on my screen and if I leave it in processes long enough, it just closes itself out.Adobe update manager is really annoying, but most instructions on the web to disable it merely tells Adobe Updater not to report updates; the updater still runs silently.The fact that I'm dedicating system resource every now and then so the Adobe Updater can phone home but not tell me to update is not good enough for me. To stop Adobe Updater completely, one must understand how it gets run in the first place.The Adobe Acrobat and Reader updates (15.023.20053) are part of a release designed to fix a flaw that could let hackers take "control of the affected system".But when you install this security fix, the Adobe Acrobat plugin is automatically added to your browser."It auto-installed," security expert Troy Hunt told WIRED.Although this Adobe plugin appears to be from a legitimate source, it's concerning that a company dogged with security issues should use such a tact.

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I don't really use Photoshop 7.0 anymore, but I no longer have the disc for it either, so I've been talking myself out of uninstalling it.

The Customization wizard does not have an option for disabling updates. I guess I could use Composer to make a snapshot of the installation but I was hoping not to just for this one change.

Since some companies won't let Adobe Acrobat Reader XI die...stumbled upon this thread, thought I'd leave this behind..

For me, I find the pop ups of Adobe Reader and Adobe AIR appearing asking me to update the software is pretty annoying.

I tried to use my Zone Alarm firewall to stop Adobe Reader updates. Software updates are important, as they often bring new features, add functionality or fix security holes and strengthen the software by fixing its bugs.

It should be noted that you can choose not to enable the plugin, and you don't have to hand over permissions to Adobe in order for the bug fixes to take effect.

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