Kat Dennings and Josh Groban made their debut as a couple this weekend at the Carousel of Hope Ball in Los Angeles. News confirmed the news and Dennings posted a photo from the event with the caption, "I ship it." Aww. Jennifer Lopez and Diddy spent a night out together hitting the clubs in Hollywood. Lea Michele acknowledged her boyfriend on Instagram, ring the alarms I guess? Michelle Obama wears Spanx just like the rest of us.


Meanwhile, E News, friend to PR flaks everywhere, posts a breathless timeline of their “blossoming romance” and “exclusive” photos of them looking cozy (hard to tell, the snaps are so grainy) at a Halloween Terrence Jenkins was spotted arm-in-arm with Jasmine yesterday as they went out for some retail therapy.Terrence, who previously dated Selita Ebanks, seems to have settled down (at least for now) with another model. News" host just wrapped shooting "Coupled" in Anguilla, a new show he hosted that will air on Fox. While Bella recently said she's not dating anyone in particular and both have always referred to their amazing "friendship," their super cuddly Instagram pictures and sweet tweets combined with some other majorly couple-y clues have us wondering if their friendship might have blossomed into something more.Here are all the signs that Bella and Gregg are most likely, 3. Yes, besties totally meet their friends' parents, but when you meet your BFF's parents, it's usually over pizza in their kitchen. Gregg revealed on Instagram that Bella is now officially a fan of his favorite soccer team, even though she knows nothing about them.The reality, according to Slate, however, is that she and her husband of three years just grew apart.

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