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GPTC believes in the unity of the school and the communities it serves.

GPTC believes lifelong learning promotes economic advancement for the students and communities we serve.

This year is a bit different, though, as I’m currently in the midst of working with a new neurologist to better treat my lifelong seizure disorder.

Great Plains Technology Center offers valuable career education for people, businesses, and organizations.

Lingual braces are not as noticeable as other braces.

They are similar to wire braces for being worn on the outside, the difference is that the arch wire, ligatures, and brackets are on the other side of your teeth and not as visible to others as a result.

Do they keep you wanting to know what happens next? Books 2 and 3 got worse in my opinion…as they usually do.

Within a year and a half it had spread to her bone, bone marrow, and finally brain.

Duration of lingual braces treatment varies from patient to patient.

It is common to wear braces for one to three years.

She was tested and came up positive for the BRCA 1 gene, a known inherited gene that increases risk of several types of cancer in both men and women.

Knowing this, Jenny became a huge supporter of cancer awareness in the community.

My oldest sister, Jennifer Bassett, died on April 24th of this year. A wife and mother to an 18 month old son, Jenny was beautiful, charming, smart, and absolutely giving.

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