Tristan prettyman dating g love

That means it's our second one with him, right?

We talk about french goodbyes, his hilarious responses to online hecklers, how mushrooms got him his best job ever and tell our LOV (loss of virginity) stories. …What's Up at the Belly Up this week features.... We took it on the road this episode and taped it at the Music Box in downtown San Diego!

They run a record label, play music and do cool things with cool people!

We talk about what it is like to run a record label, cool swap meet finds, who likes and dislikes 90's music and hear an excerpt from Al's blog.

Meryl also has done tequila shots with Prince Harry, and trended on the front page of for an unfortunate run-in with a falcon!

Damian has been a touring artist, audio engineer and is the Production Director of the Belly Up!

We needed to make a change regarding the amount of driving we were doing back and forth to see each other, sometimes even taking 2 cars to the beach so one of us would have easier faster access home, etc…I volunteered to pack up my toothbrush and work from J’s house for a couple days, telling him and myself that he was more busy than I, hes been busy getting all his new songs ready before he makes another album.

I am still laying pretty low, healing my voice of a cyst that calls my vocal chord home.

We talk about being a sound geek his musical debut "Escape to Margaritaville", and dogs that fish!

, a podcast that features all things related to the world famous Belly Up music venue!

We talk to our friends, touring artists, people that make us laugh and everything in between.

When left with a little too much time and a little too much curiosity, I wondered what the ultra-private Ray La Montagne’s wife Sarah Sousa looked like and what her life was like. I have to say, she LOOKS like she’d be married to Ray La Montagne.

Not that I’m planning on being the Perez Hilton of folk music, but… She looks smart, has old-fashioned haunting eyes, and when I dug a little deeper, it’s no surprise that she’s an accomplished poet.

I’m the mother of two sons, Sebastian (3) and Tobias (1).

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