Tyler perry dating atlanta housewife

Listing information indicates the sprawling “L” shaped mansion includes 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms including a 4,000 square foot master suite that features a sizable sitting room, a giant bedroom in which the bed sits, natch, up on a two steps up from the inlaid wood floor, and dual custom fitted closets overlooking the elaborately fitted master bathroom.Listen puppies, Your Mama don’t begrudge Mister Perry his screaming success and we allow that people with fat bank accounts are free to live any which way their mountains of money will buy.“And two-year-old tea gets spilled by random girl #673 hoping for a cameo?! You need that light so badly that you’d openly confess that your shining moment came from being on your back?! Never again admit to being a sock (Definition: Something to keep his stuff warm during the cold moment of a break up).I have made it known that Roger and I have been in – and out – of our relationship over the span of eight years.Other lavishly decorated rooms–where were reportedly done up and did over by Mister Perry –include a double height foyer with a swerving, dizzy making mahogany staircase and a large sculpture of a horse that for some reason appears to be leaning against the wall.A ballroom sized “grand salon” has 20 foot ceilings and a chandelier about as big as the Hyundai his housekeeper drives to work and additional sitting and entertaining rooms include another double height room with a quartet of brown tufted leather chairs and sofas and yet another double height room with marriage with the mahogany cabinetry, taupe colored marble floors and black granite counter tops.The gourmet kitchen features a two story ceiling with a double sided fireplace. Thanks to an informant we’ll call Georgia Peach, Your Mama has learned that the cross dressing actor/writer/director of scorchingly successful plays, films and boob- Property records we accessed indicate Mister Perry purchased the unimproved parcel in April of 2001 for just ,661 and proceeded to build a massive monument to his success and money.The spacious family room has dramatic French doors leading to the pool and terrace. A 2004 article in , located on rural Cedar Grove Road (sometimes knows as Highway damn 70), the 17,252 square foot behemoth of indeterminate architectural pedigree sits on an 11.4 acre parcel surrounded by much more modest homes.

, GAPRICE: ,695,000SIZE: 17,252 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms DESCRIPTION: …An unbelievable foyer with marble floors, two vast sitting areas, a floating mahogany staircase, leading to an exquisite grand salon, all with dramatic ceilings over 20 feet high. YOUR MAMAS NOTES: No matter how you slice it, dice it, bend it or turn it inside out, Tyler Perry is a real estate size queen.

“You know when you meet people, and you like them or have good chemistry with them but you don’t feel like the world has changed?

I felt like the Earth moved after our first date.” While the two wouldn’t walk down the aisle for another seven months, Moore confessed she was all in, early on.

” Leakes added, “What guy is dating a girl, saying, ‘I don’t want to be public with you?

’” Meanwhile, Bailey told the cameras, “I feel bad for Demetria.

Blue’s Clues happened when we were not together.”CLICK CONTINUE READING FOR MORE!

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