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The Parliament has also made important strides; for example, they have stripped parliamentary immunity, made progress on political and economic decentralization, and begun to address judicial reform.

The Government of Ukraine has also made headway on anti-corruption efforts, with the passage of amendments to the National Anti-Corruption Board of Ukraine (NABU) law, the appointment of a NABU director, and more decisive action by a new Prosecutor General appointed February 2015.

Executive Summary Ukraine has undergone an historic transformation since 2014 which has laid the foundation for a dramatically improved investment climate in the future.

As the 2015 Investment Climate Statement goes to press, Ukraine’s post-Maidan government is moving forward with an ambitious reform agenda to put Ukraine’s weak economy back on solid ground and to create a welcoming business environment.

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Efforts along these lines could well enable Ukraine to turn the page on the past and open its doors more widely to foreign investment while cementing democratic values and adhering to transparent economic principles.

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