Updating exchange 2016 certificate

The Active Directory schema changes identified in this topic may not apply to all editions of an Exchange Server version.To verify that Active Directory has been successfully prepared, see the “How do you know this worked? No changes have been made to the Active Directory schema in Exchange 2016 from CU4 onwards.This guide accompanies my information guide on Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2016 SANs, SSL and UCC, if you have not read it then take time to here, then continue with your install here.

The files are located in the \amd64\Setup\Data\ directory in the Exchange installation files. Each release includes all of the changes included in previous releases.

When we create a certificate request what we are doing is creating a request for a certificate that we can provide to the likes of Go Daddy that tells them to create a certificate that trusts the domains names ( or Subject Alternative Names ) that we specify.

Below we will create a certificate so that internal users of Outlook can connect to the internal Exchange 2013/2016 server name, use Autodiscover to auto-configure Outlook, we will also add to the certificate request the external domain the we will user for OWA. Then Certificates, on the sub menu click the sign to create and new certificate. As you can see we are going to Create a request for a certificate from a certification authority.

Note that if you intend to use a mobile device to sync email with exchange 2013 or exchange 2016 hen you must buy an SSL certificate.

To start, make sure you are logged in to the Exchange 2013 ECP / EAC.

There may be some requirements to store receive connector logs for more than 30 days.

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