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Connect a keyboard to an available USB port of Robotino®. Start Robotino® while pressing the F7 key for the Premium Edition or the F11 key for the Basic Edition. In the dialog "Please select boot device" use the arrow keys to select the third entry displaying the type of your USB stick to boot from and press Enter. Confirm booting from the USB stick by pressing Enter. After booting, enter the number of the new image copied to the USB stick and press Enter.

Pressing the reset button these network settings are also restored as default settings.

The Shared Partition contained the Windows 8 Core at launch until November 2015, where via a system update known as the "New Xbox One Experience", it was upgraded to the Windows 10 Core.

With Windows 10, Universal Windows Platform apps became available on Xbox One.

","title":"4 Reasons You Need to Ditch Your Old Applications and Upgrade Software","content":"Many of you\u2014particularly designers and drafters\u2014know the feeling when the boss or project manager asks you to run a profile on that old program on a dusty computer kept in the farthest corner of the company office.

You know, the one kept around because it\u2019s the only machine ancient enough to run that old, out-of-date-yet-deemed-vital bit of software that the company refuses to upgrade because it doesn\u2019t want to \u201cspend money needlessly.\u201d\n\n It’s a sense of dread and disdain that fills the inner reaches of your soul because you know your job was just made 10 times more difficult.

On page Network in section wlan0 you are able to adjust your individual network settings.

Old operating systems (such as Windows XP) eventually reach an \u201cend-of-life\u201d status.

That means the company that makes the OS has stopped maintaining it, no longer providing support or updates.

Repeat these steps to see if more updates are now available.

Because some software updates are prerequisites for others, you may need to repeat these steps several times to complete the software update sequence.

To update the operating system and the firmware of Robotino®, please proceed as follows. Afterwards, confirm the installation with the y key and Enter. At the end of the installation Robotino® is switched off automatically. Note that after updating the operating system the network settings are changed.

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