Updating the kernel in ubuntu Oslo cam sex


But if we try to install STA, then update, then install STA again (since the first time fails with the default kernel), we get a system error. The default in mint is to install updates only to apps that their developers put in grades 1 to 3 of the safety grading they have made up for themselves.

You will see in the mint update manager that only items with grade 1 to 3 appear, but it is very easy to change that to all 5 grades, by going to the update manager preferences and selecting all 5 of the options shown there.

But the thing is, the update manager doesn't bring down the newest kernel in Mint. But if he updates to the newest kernel, THEN installs the STA driver, it also fails. Since this is a fresh install and installing Ubuntu/Mint takes 10 minutes and 30 seconds (timed it : P) we opted for that.

Two questions - Why can't Mint update kernels in update manager?

Periodically new devices and technology coming out and it’s important to keep our Linux system kernel up-to-date if we want to get the most of out it.

Moreover, updating system kernel will ease us to take advantage of new kernel fuctions and also it helps us to protect ourselves from vulnerabilities that have been found in earlier versions.

updating the kernel in ubuntu-23updating the kernel in ubuntu-12

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