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I am executing a perl script as a part of other bigger code.My perl code opens up a pop up window based on status value (success or failure).Missing Features - these have to do with how Tcl the language itself works, syntactically, gramatically, etc.Critical Missing Features Insert items here which are so needed in Tcl that until the feature is present, the language isn't suitable for use in your particular problem domain. drop in a Wikit or URI pointer to a seperate location.

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I have created a Tcl/Tk GUI interface which displays data, read from a certain text file. Is there a way to update GUI interface without destroying the GUI? I'm trying to install Tk:: Table Matrix on Strawberry Perl 64bit and I get "gmake[1]: *** No rule to make target '..\blib\arch\Tk\p Tk.exists', needed by 'config'. If there is too much information, I would like that a scrollbar appears.

Depending on how the listbox is configured, the user can select one or many items from that list. The first thing to do is usually to insert one or more lines of text.

The insert method takes an index and a string to insert.

The index is usually an item number (0 for the first item in the list), but you can also use some special indexes, including ACTIVE, which refers to the The listbox offers four different selection modes through the selectmode option.

These are SINGLE (just a single choice), BROWSE (same, but the selection can be moved using the mouse), MULTIPLE (multiple item can be choosen, by clicking at them one at a time), or EXTENDED (multiple ranges of items can be chosen, using the Shift and Control keyboard modifiers). Use MULTIPLE to get “checklist” behavior, and EXTENDED when the user would usually pick only one item, but sometimes would like to select one or more ranges of items. It returns a list of item indexes, but a bug in Tkinter 1.160 (Python 2.2) and earlier versions causes this list to be returned as a list of strings, instead of integers.

The Listbox widget is a standard Tkinter widget used to display a list of alternatives.

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