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This document will illustrate techniques for connecting to XML data sources with IBM Cognos BI.The techniques in this document were tested with IBM Cognos 8.4 and IBM Cognos 10.1.1.The techniques in this document are intended for smaller XML data sets.Testing is required to ensure acceptable performance in the environment these techniques are used.

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Your Java Script contains functions that don't appear to be getting called (e.g. You cannot update the contents of a file using client side Java Script.

In this chapter, you will see how you can modify the sample application and add functionality that allows users to edit, update, and delete data in Oracle Database.

This chapter includes the following sections: methods.

This document assumes familiarity with Framework Manager, XML, JSP code, shell scripts, and deploying an application to an application server or servlet/JSP container.

Administrator privileges will be required to create data sources in IBM Cognos BI.

The bean contains properties for each field in an employee record, and then JDeveloper creates the accessors ( The method you create in these steps is used to find the record for a particular employee.

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