User control in updatepanel not updating dating clubs in seattle

Usually, when a postback occurs, the entire page is reloaded.

There is a visible flicker of the browser as the previous rendering is removed and the new rendering is displayed.

Using the Client ID property of the control will ensure that you get the right ID even if the control is inside a masterpage, a webcontrol, a repeater or whatever might change the ID.The next diagram shows the actual look of the page. NET Link Button controls that are created dynamically during the Page_Load() event.When the user click on one of these Link Button controls, a Modal Popup shows up, with a Drop Down List control and two Button Controls inside it.I set the value on the hidden textbox but I do the postback on the button.And finally, you are ready to update the contents of the Update Panel based on the value set by the javascript method on the client: This changes the text in the label inside the Update Panel with the value set in the hidden textbox and passed through by the async postback.This click-pause-flicker pattern is what the Update Panel helps you overcome.

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