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is a combination of code and data that can be treated as a unit.

An object can be a piece of an application, like a control or a form. When you create an application in Visual Basic, you constantly work with objects.

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You can also use objects from other applications within your Visual Basic application.

This mask can demand that the user enter eight digits, but cannot verify that the user enters month, date, and year values in the correct range; "12/20/2003" and "70/90/0000" are equally valid as far as the mask is concerned.

You can use to verify whether the data entered by the user falls within the correct range—in the previously mentioned case, by assigning it an instance of the Date Time type.

The current text in the control will be validated either when the user leaves the control.

You can determine whether or not the data fails validation by monitoring for the Type Validation Completed event.

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