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In her speech she stated: Last year, my boyfriend, Austin, lost his mom, Lori, to cancer, and my dad has just been recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It’s a horrible disease.’ But that’s only because I had not been faced with it personally.

Zac Efron had all the makings of a star since his teen heartthrob days as Troy Bolton in High School Musical.

The actress covers the March issue of More magazine, where she discusses female insecurity, enjoying the single life and aging in Hollywood. Superman: Dawn of Justice" star says there's a real problem going on in the beauty biz. "To be honest, relationships with the opposite sex are the most challenging things I’ve done.

"Remember those ‘Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful’ ads? It was the start of that psychoanalytical thing in our culture where we market to women by making women compete with each other," she explains. So you’re not allowed to say ‘I’m pretty,’ because you might get eaten alive by the rest of the tribe, you know? You lose your compass, gravity changes, you don’t know what’s up or down, you’re trying to figure it out. I’ve been traveling more this year than I ever have, because I can.

, Hudgens and Efron began dating in 2005, and continued their relationship for five years, calling it quits in 2010.

"Then I realized that’s not what that's about," Hudgens revealed her change of attitude.

Here is everything you need to know about Zac Efron’s girlfriends in 2017.

Millenials who grew up in the late 2000s will fondly remember Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens’ on-screen romance in the hit High School Musical franchise.

However the attractive pair headed for splitsville after five years together and since then, Zac Efron’s dating timeline has included a string of high-profile relationships and hook ups with celebrities like Taylor Swift, model Sami Miro, and actresses Michelle Rodriguez and Lily Collins.They flew out of Los Angeles over the weekend to spend the early days of summer in possibly one of the most romantic locations in the world.“Vanessa Hudgens proved she wasn’t done with spending her down-time away from California as she joined her handsome beau Austin Butler on a luxury yacht in Portofino, Italy,” reports the They were also seen sipping champagne by the waterfront before getting on the yacht with their glamorous friends.If you don't know them, you can be guaranteed your children or younger relatives will.Kylie (18) - youngest member and wild child of the Kardashian/Jenner Klan - has raised eyebrows by stepping out with rapper Tyga (25) due to the significant age difference. Kendall Jenner and Lewis Hamilton Controversial age gaps evidently run in the family, as Kylie's slightly older sister Kendall (19) is reportedly stepping out with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton." Though the 51-year-old doesn't agree with the way companies have capitalized on female insecurity, she does think it's totally fine to want to work on yourself. You’re trying to make everybody happy, including yourself, and it’s just … Suddenly filming a movie in South Africa is no biggie. I wasn’t going to let it terrify me," she confesses. I’m not trying to play 29 and holding on with white knuckles, you know?

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