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In May 2009, the song topped the Billboard Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop chart after ascending from number five to number one, the greatest rise for a new artist since Tweet's "Oops (Oh My)" in 2002."Birthday Sex" displaced Jamie Foxx's "Blame It" from its 12-week streak atop the chart.He comes equipped with a patient monitor that displays vitals, labs, and radiology.As a high fidelity manikin Sim Man Essential can help teach core skills in airway, breathing, cardiac, and circulation management.Meanwhile, during his first international press interview, Jeremih told noted UK R&B writer Pete Lewis of 'Blues & Soul': "I do think the lyrical concept really did help the song out!To where I feel it's gonna be a timeless record that'll still be played YEARS from now – simply because it's become a new birthday anthem!Or does the community come together, so that individual families can tell their stories and in turn do something to combat the insidious face of depression and its consequences?Until now the accepted wisdom has been to publicly downplay suicide but in speaking to families who've lost children, reporter Liz Jackson found that young people are in fact talking about suicide all the time on facebook.

It was released on October 30, 1990, by Sire Records as the lead single from The Immaculate Collection.

"Justify My Love" received mixed reviews from older critics, but was critically appreciated by many contemporary critics, noting it as one of Madonna's best songs to date.

The song became Madonna's ninth number one single on the Billboard Hot 100, while reaching the Top 10 in several countries including Australia, Canada, Finland, New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The song was written by Lenny Kravitz and Ingrid Chavez, with additional lyrics by Madonna.

Chavez was not credited on the song, which led to a lawsuit against Kravitz.

When calls and messages kept coming addressed to her deceased daughter the mother was forced to write: "" Four Corners tells the story of one community in a major Australian city where the threat of repeated suicides amongst young people became so overwhelming that families and community leaders, backed by mental health experts, held an old fashioned public meeting to allow the families and friends of the victims to tell their stories.

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