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I’m doing this as a blind poll because I think when people see a name before they listen they go into it with a pre-conceived idea of what they will like before they even listen.The mouthpieces heard here are: Theo Wanne Gaia HR 8 Theo Wanne Gaia HR 6 Greg Weir HR .080 LAW metal .080 Aizen .076 Mouthpiece Cafe NYC Resin 6 Phil-Tone Meyer 6 Drake Ceramic Jazz .080 Vandoren V16 Medium refaced to a long 23mm facing by Brian Powell and just for kicks a Yamaha 4C.Together with his colleagues, he investigates individuals’ motives of online self-disclosure, but also related opportunities (e.g. sexting) and their consequences can be understood, is one of the topics of his research. Tijdschrift voor communicatiewetenschap, 43(4), 392-415. Van Ouytsel, J., Meeus, W., Walrave, M., & Driesen, A. Kinderen en jongeren kritisch leren omgaan met reclame : het aanbod en de kwaliteit van reclameopvoedingspakketten. Cyber Dating Abuse Victimization Among Secondary School Students From a Lifestyle-Routine Activities Theory Perspective. 1-10 Van Ouytsel, J., Van Gool, E., Walrave, M., Ponnet, K., & Peeters, E. Exploring the role of social networking sites within adolescent romantic relationships and dating experiences. Heirman, W., Walrave, M., Vandebosch, H., Wegge, D., Eggermont, S., Pabian, S. Cyberbullying research in Belgium : an overview of generated insights and a critical assessment of the mediation of technology in a web 2.0 world. (edit.), Berlin: Springer (boekhoofdstuk, meer info bij de auteurs). Besides, he investigates and collaborates in projects on the reasons why internet users entrust personal data to businesses and how consumers deal with new forms of interactive marketing. Pedagogiek: wetenschappelijk forum voor opvoeding, onderwijs en vorming, 34(2), 123-149. Cyberbullying Across the Globe : Gender, Family, and Mental Health. Heirman, W., Angelopoulos, S., Wegge, D., Vandebosch, H., Eggermont, S., & Walrave, M. Cyberbullying-entrenched or cyberbully-free classrooms? For many Internet users, social network sites (SNS) have emerged as a preferred way of communicating with others.

Several factors were found to affect disclosure and profile-access management, with differences between adolescents and adults in some cases.Take a listen and let me know which one you like the best and help me decide.I haven’t even listened to these yet so I haven’t made a decision myself yet. First, we explore how adolescents and adults approach the disclosure of personal information and the application of privacy settings on social network sites (SNS).Second, we investigate whether the factors that predict these two privacy-management strategies differ for adolescents and adults.But I personally just make it work for me and use it whenever I get some downtime at the office or with friends - and especially when I'm traveling." 5.

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