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Long before North America was discovered by the Europeans, there was a network of trails that the aboriginal people used for trade and travel from the west coast into the interior of British Columbia.

One of the many staple trading items was the Eulachon (oolichan), a small fish that was dried or rendered into fat.

The High-speed Impact Research and Technology (HIRT) facility is an off-campus PASSC R&D unit that is operated by a team of engineers.

This facility performs impact tests for academic, aerospace, defence and space applications, and also provides high-fidelity computer simulations of high-speed impact damage and shock effects.

Many people who admire bonsai ask about the origin and meaning of bonsai tree. Bonsai is an ancient art form that originated in China and Japan and is primarily focused on producing beautiful miniaturized trees and plants.

Bonsai is in fact a Japanese version of the original Chinese word ‘pun-sai’ that was applied to this oriental art form.

Some of her awards included best show, best breasts, most friendly and best ass!The next wave of adventurers entered the region at the beginning of the 20th century in search of opportunities presented by lush farmland and the abundance of natural resources.Rocky Mountain House became a firmly established town by 1912.The goal is to provide and realize world class training opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and senior researchers in science and engineering.Our main areas of activity are investigating planetary materials (including Earth, lunar, martian and asteroid materials), planetary landforms and cratering processes. The Earth Impact Database (EID) is a collection of images, publications and abstracts from around the world (compiled over the last 25 years) that provides information about confirmed impact structures for the scientific community and space enthusiasts. The Regional and Planetary Image Facility (RPIF) is one of 17 worldwide NASA-designated facilities providing imagery, maps and data from NASA-led space missions by request. The data is available to scientists, educators, students, media and the general public for the purpose of encouraging and furthering space science studies. PASSC is equipped with a micro-Raman spectrometer and a field emission scanning electron microscope, which facilitate the rapid, high precision analysis of planetary, terrestrial and industrial materials. In addition to investigating natural impact-related phenomena, PASSC operates a ballistics facility that can accelerate projectiles from subsonic through to hypersonic speeds under controlled, reproducible conditions.Her mastery of the human body will create soothing sensations that will carry you deeper and deeper into a tranquility flowing with pleasures of elation and ecstasy. Her start began as an exotic dancer traveling the country from British Columbia to Ontario as well as the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

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