Who has emily procter dating


“Paul and I were both redheads when we were born,” says Procter, as the little brunette stares back, looking a bit bemused herself.

I.: MIAMI ranked the Top Ten staple for CBS, Emily Procter is an American actress.

Sleep-deprived but relaxed in a blue knit tunic, black leggings, and clogs (a departure from her signature four-inch heels), she opens up about how her own adoption, her parents’ unusual divorce, and the birth of her baby have molded her view of what makes a family.

Photos: 10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Adopted I’ve always known I was adopted.

imgurl=...ed=0CC8Q9QEw CA She was always very pretty. Emily was talking to another actor and her lips were not moving properly. Cafe Society twicks, who doesn't usually watch that show but for some reason caught it Sunday and was trying to figure out if it was the same actress or not, because she looked like shit with her mouth all puffed up like that If we're just talking about lip injections, sure. And she does have a fuller faced look due to the pregnancy. She had to get injections/a procedure to achieve that bad look.

I have not seen the program is quite a while, when did her looks fall apart? The woman is the Winchester Mystery House of plastic surgery..never ends. I like her -- I especially liked her on West Wing -- but she's messing herself up with those bad lips.

Procter has an older brother named Whit, who is also adopted.

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