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How has that period and all its intensity overshadowed the rest of your life? Is that because you feel you’ve learned something from those experiences? The look of the film, the production design is very detailed and very convincing.Have you learned to live with it or put it behind you? I had to revisit all those feelings and try to look at what happened when I wrote the book [in 1988]. He’s very musically inclined: he actually plays in my band, and he’s a fantastic singer/songwriter. Is that how you remember your world looking in the 1970s? The visuals I thought were exceptional: they really took me back to the Seventirs, which were my favourite time. Did Kim Fowley really come up to you in a club and say: “We are choosing you to be a part of rock-and-roll history”?Faced with this new reality, and the anger and frustration they felt toward their parents, Cherie and Marie turned to rock music and the scene around it.

Born as one of the couple’s four children; she has an elder brother, an elder sister named Sondra Currie who is an actress as well, and she also has a twin sister who was born 2 minutes prior to her.

More than 35 years after famed all-girl rock band The Runaways disbanded, its members are facing some serious allegations.

Joan Jett and Cherie Currie recently released statements defending themselves after bandmate Jackie Fox alleged that the band's manager, Kim Fowley, raped her in front of the band.

After their debut record's release in 1976, the group's popularity began to soar, and their influence on female rockers remains evident today.

Cherie Ann Currie was born on November 30, 1959, in Los Angeles, California.

Cherie Currie met Joan Jett and Sandy West when they needed a singer for a band they were forming, and they liked Currie’s looks and her attitude.

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