Who is clay aiken dating 2016

“I think you never know with a format like this that can work at any time — it’s possible,” she said.

“Whether they’re making a mistake or not, everyone just goes with the feeling in the moment.

“Clay and I aren’t really friends anymore,” Kimberley told Laura “Dish Of Salt” Saltman Tuesday at a rehearsal for the 2008 “American Idol Holiday Tour.” “We lived together, but some things transpired and, you know, we’re just — I don’t really talk to Clay anymore,” she continued. Roommates, boyfriends, girlfriends.” Though she’s had problems living with people in the past, Kimberley said her boyfriend, “Celebrity Fit Club” fitness coach Harvey Walden, who she met while on the VH1 series, is a much better match than her former roomies.

“We’re very respectful of one another’s space,” Kimberley said of Harvey.

Bob Etheridge, had thrown his political inexperience back at Aiken and suggested he's role-playing to win votes.

She's so cool," he said in an interview backstage at Ryan Seacrest's radio show.

"I didn't know a lot of people, obviously, I'm not Swedish. We went and we got dinner that night and we sat and we had like a couple glasses of wine and talked about dating and life and music," he recalled.

Clay Aiken watched "American Idol" for the first time in a long time Wednesday night, and he doesn't like how the show's changed since he was on.

He took to Twitter to maybe burn bridges and theorize about why Fox is ending the show this season: The judges Aiken is not a fan of are Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. In Aiken's era, the judges were Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson.

Tall and talented, Clay Aiken was born as Clayton Holmes Grissom at the end of 1970s in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States of America to Faye Aiken Parker. On , he revealed that he is gay in an interview with People magazine.

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