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Ben, Ricky, Adrian, Jack, Kathleen, and Clementine. Even though Megan married her longtime boyfriend Tyler Hilton, you can definitely pretend that her character, Grace, rekindled her romance with Jack and this is actually a And here's a close-up of Shailene snuggling up to Daren Kagasoff, who played her boyfriend Ricky on the show.She also took her preparation for the film's iconic dance numbers seriously — as did everyone involved in the movie.PHOTOS: Faces of Fall TV 2013 Raisa will play Inez, a lesbian producer behind the scenes of the unscripted show who has a knack for finding great talent for the show.Style cannot be purchased, you are either born with it or you’re not.

's Appleby) whose lone job is to manipulate the relationships with (and among) the contestants in order to get the vital dramatic and outrageous footage producers demand.The 23-year-old, who plays Adrian Lee in the ABC series The Secret Life of the American Teenager, accidentally exposed her black underwear when her floaty thigh-skimming pink dress blew up while she was posing for photographers.Raisa is also known for her roles as tough Latina cheerleader Leti in Bring It On: All or Nothing and other film credits include The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream and The Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice.The "Be Our Guest" sequence, for example, was filmed over the course of a month.on Thursday night (March 30) at Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles. While some may dismiss Belle as delicate, Watson's portrayal sounds far from it.

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