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After we ran a story about Hough's gaffe, I was inundated with responses (both from Gay Voices readers and my own friends and acquaintances) that mostly fell into two categories: 1. people questioning why it mattered if he publicly came out and asking why we couldn't just let him live his life. You can be out to yourself, you can be out to your family, you can be out to your friends, you can be out at work, you can be out publicly and you can be out in some combination of all of the above.people telling me that he was gay and out ("I did shots with him at a gay bar in We Ho last year! But when you're a public figure like Bennett, if you've never said the words "I'm gay" or, as many stars have done in recent years, have never publicly discussed or referenced a partner or date of the same sex, you're not out.Some topics he speaks on are “Why Women Like Jerks,” “Surefire Signs A Girl (Or Guy) Is Into You,” and “How to Escape The Friend Zone.” He proudly partners with Affinity Matchmaking, the largest matchmaking service in Columbus.

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When he was a high school teacher, Jonathan began to question why some people were successful in social situations (dating, friendship, etc.) and others failed miserably.

This spurred him to study successful, attractive, popular men to see which traits and actions set them apart from the rest of the population.

In fact, one of the biggest complaints I hear from women is that guys become "texting buddies." They want men to make a move and ask them out, but the …

actress looked chic at the event as she was joined by Tatiana Maslany, Jackie Cruz, Jonathan Bennett, Danielle Panabaker, Mayim Bialik, Dania Ramirez, and Yael Groblas.

He has devoted years of research to studying the “science” of attraction (including such areas as neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and psychology) and eventually started creating practical, simple tips, based on his studies.

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