Who is sandra lee dating now

Andrew Cuomo told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Tuesday she is “cancer-free” following a a double mastectomy performed earlier in May.

Lee, who was first diagnosed with breast cancer in March, has urged women to be tested for cancer as often as possible.

Governor Andrew Cuomo's better half discussed her "belly," her beau, and her fashion preferences.

On her eating habits: “I’m a meat-and-potatoes girl, but I still have to watch it,” she says, giggling as she whips up her sweater to reveal, sweetly but somewhat disingenuously, an expanse of perfectly smooth alabaster skin without the merest hint of any bulge.

“Well, I did it once and as I was walking up the aisle I remember thinking, It’s not too late to run.

Through the grant, 2,400 a year will be provided to support work with Federally Qualified Health Centers and Medicaid Managed Care Plans for evidence-based interventions that promote regular colorectal cancer screenings.“Last time I came and I shared with you some very bad news,” Lee said on ABC. Andrew Cuomo, who has pledged to double down on the state’s efforts to detect and battle cancer since his girlfriend, Sandra Lee, received a breast cancer diagnosis this past spring, today announced a multimillion dollar investment in screening for colorectal cancer – the second leading cause of cancer death.“But this time I’m coming to share with you that my doctors have said I’m cancer-free and I’m ready to go.” Lee was operated on in May, but under went an additional procedure in August following a complication from an infection related to the initial surgery. Over the next five years, million worth of federal grants will be used to fund new screening initiatives administered by the state Health Department, Cuomo said in a press release, noting that nearly 10,000 New Yorkers develop colorectal cancer annually and more than 3,000 die as a result.Despite all the troubles, Lee is living happily with her boyfriend, Andrew Cuomo who is the Governor of New York.Sandra Lee is best known for hosting the Food Network shows Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo met back in 2005 at a Hampton cocktail party in New York. Thomas to Mackinac Island, Michigan to Montauk, New York, Katie Lee is beach hopping to find the local take on the best treats these islands have to offer.

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