Who is till lindemann dating


Till Lindemann was born in Leipzig, but he grew up in the village of Wendisch-Rambow in Schwerin (East Germany).

Still, Gavin’s people insist that Gavin and Sophia are just friends.Last week, frontman of the world-famous German rock group "Rammstein" Till Lindemann came to Moscow to present a collection of his poems.In an interview with Sputnik Germany, the German singer revealed details about his newly published book and shared his attitude to Russia and its people.Lindemann believes that the success of his band in Russia could be explained by the fact that German and Russian languages are quite similar in their structure and pronunciation. And all the time I was waiting for a [Russian] publisher that would be interested in it," Lindemann said.In his opinion, it should be much simpler for people in Russia to understand songs written in German, rather than in English. According to the singer, the process took quite a long time."I can't explain it [the popularity of the band] in another way. I am really surprised about it again and again," Lindmann told Sputnik Germany. But after a while, Lindemann's team managed to find a publishing house and "suddenly all went very quickly," the musician recalled.

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